Suggested Time:  30 MINUTES
Five Fold:  Spiritual Activist, Apostles, Guardians

1 Corinthians 14:25 “The very secrets of his heart would be revealed, and right there—mystified—he would fall on his face in worship to God, proclaiming all the while that God most certainly dwells among you.”

Go around and share some of the struggles and needs that your group has.  This is an opportunity to create intimacy, vulnerability, courage and care in the group.  Remember, everything is 100% confidential.  
As people share needs, have someone in the group write them down in the group’s prayer journal. 

Also, check in on past needs. 

  • Have they been met? 
  • Has an answer been given? 
  • Is there an opportunity to celebrate a victory?

After the needs have been shared, have the group ask Christ to come and bring his insight, wisdom and comfort.  Encourage the group the share what they hear or see, as Christ moves and leads them.  Prophesying is giving a word from God for strengthening, encouragement or comfort.  This might be a specific scripture for someone, a picture that comes to your mind, a song, a specific prayer or a question that Christ leads you to ask. 

This isn’t a time to give your own personal advice or diagnose a need.  Just spend some time asking God for how He wants to work during this time, through you. 

As you minister to one another, point out moments where Christ is obviously moving in the group.  Likewise, point out moments where you feel stuck.